This totally blows up Donald Trump’s trial defense in Manhattan criminal case

Donald Trump’s criminal defense attorneys in the Manhattan case have publicly let it be known more than once that when Trump gets to trial, he intends to use the defense that he only tried to cover up the hush money payments in order to avoid hurting or humiliating his wife Melania. This would still be confession to having committed crimes, but it would be a sympathy ploy on the jury.


The trouble for Trump: that defense just completely went out the window. The indictment against him includes testimony Trump wanted to strike a deal over the hush money but then delay making payment until after the election, because at that point it wouldn’t matter:


In other words, Donald Trump clearly didn’t bury the payments in his own cooked books in the hope of protecting his wife, given that part of his reason for burying it was so that he’d have an excuse to avoid . So much for that trial defense.

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