“Lunatic bomb thrower”: Donald Trump may have found a way to get himself gag ordered already

During Donald Trump’s arraignment today, the judge warned Trump to stop making inappropriate remarks about the criminal case against him, or Trump could end up getting hit with a gag order going forward.


But Trump turned around and immediately gave a speech tonight, in which he went off the deep end about all of the prosecutors who are criminally targeting him. He called Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg a “criminal,” Fulton County DA Fani Willis a “racist,” and DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith “lunatic bomb thrower.”


In other words, Trump is forcing the issue as quickly as he can. If you’re rooting for Trump to get gag ordered, this actually what you want to see. Trump’s remarks about Bragg tonight, along with his social media post this evening attacking witness Stormy Daniels over her physical appearance, are making it a lot easier for the judge to issue a gag order more quickly.

Donald Trump’s attacks on the other two prosecutors will also increase the odds that he’ll get hit with gag orders once those indictments are brought against him. Trump keeps digging himself a deeper hole. And in the criminal justice system, that hole can bottom out fast.

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