“Something’s going down” – Donald Trump and his goons are panicked about what’s coming

Donald Trump has already been criminally indicted on thirty-four felony counts. He’s about to be indicted on more serious charges, including the Espionage Act, in multiple other jurisdictions. And his company is in danger of being taken away.


Not surprisingly, Trump and his goons are in a bit of a panic over on Trump’s failed social media site. One of them posted “Something’s going down” and Donald Trump made a point of retweeting it. Wait, is retweeting the right word over on Trump’s social network? Maybe it’s re-failing.


The screed went on to accuse the government? – prosecutors? – normal people? – it’s not clear who “They” are, but “They clearly want to sow discord and create incitement.” Wait, “create incitement” isn’t a real phrase, is it?

In any case, it’s clear that Donald Trump’s remaining supporters are getting more and more worried about what a downward spiral Trump is in. And Trump isn’t helping his own cause by boosting this kind of panicked hysteria. It’s a sign that the Trump “movement” really is collapsing under the weight of Trump’s ongoing downfall.

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