Formerly pro-Trump news outlet now tells ‘bat shit crazy’ Donald Trump it’s all over for him

There’s this notion that Donald Trump’s supporters will never abandon him “no matter what.” There’s no real basis for this notion, other than that it makes for a good soundbite. While there are surely plenty of folks who will ride Trump all the way to the bottom, there are plenty of others who want off this crashing roller coaster ride.


As recently as the 2020 election, the right wing Murdoch-controlled New York Post was publishing misleading stories aimed at helping Donald Trump get reelected. But now a new article from the entire New York Post editorial board is calling out Trump for trying to incite violence against the Manhattan DA, and urging right wingers to support someone else – anyone else – in 2024.


This coincides with a New York Post cover which includes Donald Trump’s recent social media post of himself taking a baseball bat to the Manhattan DA, along with a headline that calls Trump “bat hit crazy.” The smart money, even on the right, is running away from Trump before the criminal justice system gobbles him up and goads him into destroying himself.

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