House Republicans stick it to Kevin McCarthy with insane floor fight

After Kevin McCarthy was forced to cave to President Biden in order to appease those House Republicans in swing districts who didn’t want to lose reelection over it, you knew the House Republicans in the far right districts were going to punish McCarthy in some way.


Of course if they ousted McCarthy, they might lose the Speakership altogether, given that there aren’t going to be 218 Republican votes for any other Speaker candidate. So instead House Republicans decided to simply humiliate McCarthy by waging an hour long floor fight over legislation about gas stoves. No, really.


The kicker is that Kevin McCarthy reportedly didn’t see it coming. That’s right, he’s so weak that not only are House Republicans pulling these stunts, he doesn’t even have enough control over his caucus to know that any of it’s coming. This is just humiliating for McCarthy. And he deserves it.

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