Donald Trump’s latest Truth Social meltdown gives away just what a goner he is

Donald Trump just keeps trying to find ways to portray himself as a strongman who’s taking a strong stand against what’s happening to him. He knows that right wingers will only stick with him as long as he’s able to portray himself as a strongman. But in reality, getting indicted and arrested and arraigned and having to meekly say “yes your honor” in court just makes Trump look weak and broken, and he knows it.


Up to now, Trump has been using his Truth Social network to attack various prosecutors one at a time, as part of his classic strategy to take on his enemies one at a time and pick them apart.


But now Trump is making a mistake. He’s finally making posts about all four prosecutors who are targeting him, complete with a photo montage of all of them: Alvin Bragg, Fani Willis, Jack Smith, and Letitia James.

Trump added “How would you like to be simultaneously fighting this group of thugs?” But that’s the problem. Trump just admitted that he’s outnumbered and outflanked when it comes to what he’s up against from the criminal justice system. Trump is a goner and he knows it.

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