“Wheelchair over the Cliff” – Donald Trump has one of his most insane meltdowns ever

Earlier today Donald Trump finally acknowledged all four of the highest profile prosecutors who are investigating him, all in the same social media post – a departure from his longtime tactic of trying to isolate his enemies and attack them one at a time. Now Trump seems to be going further off the deep end in his subsequent postings.


Trump is now going absolutely bonkers about Ron DeSantis, which gives away just how much fear and paranoia Trump is still feeling, even after DeSantis’ primary poll numbers have dropped by half over the past month. All you need to know about Trump’s DeSantis rant is that it includes the phrase “DISCIPLE of ‘Wheelchair over the Cliff’ Paul Ryan.” Well okay then.


Trump is also accusing the Democrats of trying to “RIGG” a presidential election, declaring that “THIS IS CLASSIC!!!” Well, there’s something classic about this. It feels like a classic case of a disturbed narcissist realizing he’s losing everything and thus losing his mind.

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