Donald Trump has incoherent “underlevered” meltdown after his financial troubles are exposed

Thus far Donald Trump done little to “run” for President in 2024 beyond filing the paperwork. But the fact that he has filed the paperwork means that he has to fill out quarterly financial disclosure forms, which give some insight into his overall financial position.


Let’s just say that Trump’s just-released quarterly filing wasn’t exactly pretty. He’s had to take on major new loans. His Truth Social platform has turned out to be worth only a small fraction of what he and his investors had been hyping. It’s ugly for him to put it mildly.


Trump is now erupting at the media for daring to report on his financial filings, insisting that the media “refused to discuss my great assets or my CASH position, which is BIG and VERY underlevered.” If you’re wondering, “underlevered” isn’t a word. He may have meant underleveraged. But even if he were underleveraged, why is he taking out new loans? Trump is protesting too much, and too incoherently.

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