Donald Trump goes apeshit, compares himself to George Washington as it all falls apart for him

We all remember when George Washington launched trading cards of himself, right? How about the time George Washington was criminally indicted for thirty-four felonies? Wait, none of that happened? Someone should probably tell Donald Trump.


A right wing propaganda site has written an article comparing Donald Trump to george Washington, calling them the two “indispensable men.” It’s one thing for crap like this to get written. But now Trump has posted this article on his social media page.


That’s just embarrassing. You don’t see strong Presidents like Biden or Obama comparing themselves to George Washington. They simply let their legacies stand on their own, without assigning such hyperbole to themselves. You’ve got to be as weak and insecure as Donald Trump to even try to put your name in that sentence.

Then again everything is falling apart for Trump. He’s been indicted on dozens of felonies and now he’s just waiting to find out how many more dozens of felonies are coming his way. Funny, we don’t remember George Washington trying to rig his reelection, or stealing state secrets on his way out of office.

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