Donald Trump runs and hides as his 2024 fantasy falls apart

Donald Trump is only polling at 55% in 2024 Republican primary polling now, and he has three criminal trials that are going to put him in prison before the election anyway. His prospects for the 2024 Republican nomination are basically a fantasy. Even if he somehow wins it, what’s he going to do, campaign from his prison cell?


Yet, with his life shattered, the fantasy that he’ll end up in the White House instead of the Big House is all that Trump has left to cling to. So of course he’s going to try to cling to that nomination no matter how useless it might be to him.


To that end, Trump is now melting down on social media about the prospect of 2024 Republican primary debates. He’s insisting that “nobody got my approval” before announcing the schedule, and he’s making it fairly clear that he doesn’t want to participate in them.

The real story here is that the Republican Party knows Donald Trump will be in the slammer before the 2024 election, so it’s trying to figure out how to move on and hold a Republican primary process so it can end up with a nominee. That incudes setting up Republican primary debates. But Trump’s fantasy world involves the Republican Party just magically handing him the nomination. So of course he doesn’t want any such debates to happen.

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