As Trump world collapses, Donald Trump’s pals are now calling on the FBI to take each other down

To say that “Trump world” is collapsing is to put it mildly. Donald Trump has been criminally indicted in Manhattan and is facing multiple additional indictments. Trump and up to twenty of his allies are expected to be indicted in Georgia. And Trump’s pals are all testifying against him in the Jack Smith probe.


When this kind of “alliance among villains” begins to fall apart, it often falls hard. We’re even seeing some of Trump’s allies calling for the Feds to take each other down. Couple weeks ago Trump stooge Ali Alexander claimed to have proof that his fellow Trump stooge Marjorie Taylor Greene was guilty of crimes. Now Greene is tweeting that the FBI should investigate Alexander.


It’s made even funnier by Greene’s other tweets demanding that the FBI be defunded. Wait, which one is it? Do these Trump world folks want the FBI dismantled, or do they want the FBI to dismantle each other? Either way, Trump world is collapsing – and that collapse is accelerating.

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