Donald Trump may have just gotten closer to that gag order

We’ve already noted that over the past day and a half Donald Trump has changed up his social media approach entirely, first going quiet for nearly 24 hours, and then returning with a bunch of vitriolic attacks against everyone except those involved with his criminal cases.


Now we’re left to wonder if perhaps this has something to do with this new report from ABC News that the judge in Donald Trump’s criminal case has received dozens of threats from Trump supporters. Legally speaking, this helps confirm that Trump’s incitement against the judge and his family has indeed translated to actual threats of violence from the people who hang on Trump’s every word.


So yeah, Donald Trump may have just gotten closer to that gag order. It could even be the reason he’s suddenly afraid (if only for now) to even so much as mention the case against him. But even when Trump gets spooked like this, he’s usually incapable of behaving for long. He’ll likely keep making threats, and he’ll likely end up gag ordered one way or the other.

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