Donald Trump just changed up his trial strategy – and may have given something away

After Donald Trump was arrested and arraigned, he immediately ramped up his attacks on the prosecutors, judges, and witnesses in the criminal cases against him. He did this both online and in the one big speech he gave. But now something has changed.


Trump went quiet on his social network for nearly 24 hours, before reemerging on Thursday evening. At that point he jumped back into his usual angry blather and attacks. But something is different about it.


Suddenly Trump is no longer attacking anyone involved with the case, and is instead limiting his attacks to President Biden, the media, and countries he doesn’t like. He’s no longer even mentioning his criminal cases, let alone attacking the people involved with them.

It’s enough to make you wonder what’s changed. Trump went silent for an unusually long amount of time, and now that he’s back, he suddenly seems to have the self control to not attack anyone involved in his criminal cases. Hmm.

Either someone has truly gotten to Donald Trump and convinced him (for now) to tone it down, or the people around him have taken away his social media access completely and are now ghost-posting on his behalf. If it’s the former, you have to wonder if perhaps the judge in the case might have privately told Trump’s attorneys to get him under control? Something odd is going on to explain this fundamental shift in Trump’s public-facing trial strategy.

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