Donald Trump resorts to pathetically desperate tactics in his Manhattan criminal case

Donald Trump has been arrested in Manhattan, his arraignment hearing is still taking place, and we’re waiting for more news to come out of that. In the meantime, his increasingly erratic social media posts are revealing the pathetically desperate tactics he intends to try in court.


For instance Trump is now insisting on social media that he can’t get a fair trial in Manhattan because everyone hates him there, and he’s instead demanding that the trial be moved to Staten Island. This is almost hilarious. First, Trump is admitting that his own longtime hometown of Manhattan thinks he’s a scumbag. Second, he’s calling for the trial to be moved to the one borough of New York City, Staten Island, that has Republican leanings.


None of this will fly, of course. Trump simply has no actual strategy here, because he’s just that cornered. So he’s resorting to almost hallucinatory ideas about how he’s somehow going to improve his odds when it comes to the verdict in his eventual trial.

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