Donald Trump goes ape shit

Special Counsel Jack Smith has lined up Donald Trumps attorney to testify against him to the DOJ grand jury on Friday, the Manhattan grand jury is back in session tomorrow, and it’s all continuing to go wrong for Trump.


So what’s Trump doing? Frantically trying to take Ron DeSantis down with him. DeSantis gave a tepid interview in which he he said if he’s President there will be less drama in the White House than when Trump was President. That’s about as much nerve and personality as DeSantis can work up at the moment. But Trump is unloading on him for it.


Trump is now using his own social network to rip into Ron DeSantis’ abysmal record in Florida, accurately pointing that crime numbers and education numbers have become utterly terrible in the state. And in a bonkers twist, Trump is calling out DeSantis for having such a terribly inept reaction to COVID.

This is where it gets rich. Everyone knows Trump did a terribly inept job of dealing with COVID on a national level. But Trump is correct in that DeSantis did an even worse job in Florida specifically, where his refusal to support masking, lockdowns, and vaccine efforts let to catastrophic death tolls.

Make no mistake, Trump is going ape shit with this. He’s dredging up his own failed COVID response just so he can get the media talking about how DeSantis’ COVID response was even worse. And Trump is really just doing this to try to distract the public, and distract himself, from how dark his legal prospects have become. But if he wants to weaken DeSantis on his way out, so be it.

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