Ron DeSantis short circuits

Everyone is finally starting to figure out that Ron DeSantis isn’t the “smarter, savvier, more disciplined version of Trump” that the media spent two years promising the nation. Instead he’s a dumber, less savvy, more erratic version of Trump.


In fact DeSantis is turning out to be something of a malfunctioning robot with no brain of his own. Every time he has to go off script and is left to his own devices, he either either lets out some bizarre noise, or creepy laugh, or his head starts bobbling while he says weird things. Now he’s short circuited again, this time into a pile of word salad:


There’s something wrong with Ron DeSantis. Sure, he’s an idiot, an extremist, and an ass. But he’s also a creepy weirdo who’s in way over his head. It was one thing for him to play king in Florida, where he had no meaningful opposition. But now that he’s on the national stage, most Americans are hoping he falls through a trap door.

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