Donald Trump has a conniption

All Donald Trump can seem to do these days is whine and complain. That’s what you do when you’re losing and you can’t figure out any way to stop losing. Trump has been indicted on seventy-two felonies across multiple jurisdictions, with plenty more charges to come, and will stand criminal trial several times over the next year. It’s all over for him – and he knows it.


That’s why Trump is throwing a fit about the fact that DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith’s criminal probe has become substantial enough that it’s cost $9 million to operate. That’s actually quite a small amount (about three cents per American), but Trump is still whining about it plenty.


Trump is now referring to Jack Smith as the “wacko prosecutor that Corrupt Joe Biden and his Thugs stuck on me” but that’s inaccurate entirely. President Biden had nothing to do with Jack Smith’s appointment. But hey, Trump, whatever gets you through the night.

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