Donald Trump has unhinged meltdown about John Kelly, proves Kelly right for saying how “scared shitless” Trump is

Earlier this week former Trump White House Chief of Staff John Kelly said that Donald Trump was “scared shitless” by his Espionage Act criminal indictment, because he’s finally facing consequences for his actions.


Trump went on a social media bender on Friday, trying to knock Kelly down, but ultimately only proving Kelly correct. Trump bizarrely called Kelly a “mummy,” ranted and raved about how Kelly was “born with a VERY small brain” and was “truly an exhausted and beaten man when I fired him.” We checked, and Trump didn’t fire Kelly, Kelly quit.


Trump also went on to (probably falsely) claim that John Kelly’s wife once told Trump that John Kelly “loved” Trump. Well okay then. If anything Trump’s panicked meltdown is just giving away how “scared shitless” he indeed is of what’s happening to him.

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