Donald Trump has completely illiterate meltdown about a “HOAK SCAM”

Donald Trump is very upset about getting criminally indicted under the Espionage Act, and he’s complaining very loudly about it. You probably would be too, if you got caught in the act. Or maybe you’d have enough shame to just be quiet. But Trump has no sense of shame, and so he’s… well it’s really hard to describe at this point.


Trump posted this to his social media: Watching Mark Levin Show tonight is a MUST. He shows the HOAK/SCAM of this Fake Indictment.” That’s right, the hoak scam. Wait, what the hell is a hoak? Did he mean hoax? Even that wouldn’t make sense. Either something is a hoax or it’s a scam. There’s no such thing as a “hoax scam.” And there’s definitely no such thing as a “HOAK/SCAM.” Trump is just embarrassing himself.


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