Ron DeSantis just found a way to dig himself an even deeper hole

All that Ron DeSantis knows how to do these days is lose. His attempt at national rollout has caused his 2024 Republican primary polling numbers to drop by roughly half over the past month. And his ongoing war against Disney World, his state’s most important business entity, keeps going even more poorly for him.


Disney recently used a technicality to work around DeSantis’ attempt at seizing control of the area surrounding Disney World. Instead of just taking the loss, is now threatening to turn the area surrounding Disney World into a state prison. No really, he said this:


Some have said that DeSantis was merely joking. But this is not a man with a sense of humor. He’s an insecure loser who routinely gets baited into feuds he can’t win, and he doesn’t know when to quit. Publicly threatening to build a prison next to Disney World is probably a good way to make him less popular in Florida as well.

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