So much for that Fox News – Dominion settlement

Yesterday the judge announced a one day delay in the start of the trial between Fox News and Dominion, amid news reports that there were settlement talks. But apparently that was a non starter, because now a New York Times reporter has just announced on MSNBC that there is not going to be any settlement at this time.


Meanwhile the judge has announced today that the trial is now set to start tomorrow. Depending on how the trial goes, there could still theoretically end up being a settlement while the trial is going on. But for now there’s apparently no reason to expect that.


There’s no way Dominion is going to accept any settlement that doesn’t include Fox News making a public confession and apology. So unless Fox is willing to do that, it’ll go to trial, and Dominion will win. Fox’s last minute attempt at settling the case means that Fox knows it’s very likely to lose.

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