Turns out Donald Trump is leaking and lying about his arrest

Given that the Manhattan District Attorney’s office is now reportedly one grand jury witness away from completing the indictment process, and that the DA has reportedly met with law enforcement agencies to prepare for Donald Trump’s arrest, there is every reason to expect that it will happen early this week.


To that end, Trump announced on his social media platform on Saturday morning that he’s being arrested on Tuesday. This led a number of observers to presume that Trump knew this for a fact. His allies like House Republican Elise Stefanik even took to Twitter to accuse unnamed people of making “illegal leaks” about Trump’s upcoming arrest.


But then Trump’s spokesperson admitted that Trump didn’t actually have any direct knowledge of the timetable for his arrest, and that his assertion he’ll be arrested on Tuesday was merely a guess. That’s problematic, given that he presented his “guess” as if it were a fact that he knew.

In other words Donald Trump is somehow leaking and lying about his arrest. He’s the leaker, and he’s making up the leaks that he’s leaking. For all we know, Trump’s arrest could end up happening on Tuesday. But that would be coincidental to Trump’s claim. It could just as easily happen Monday or Wednesday. And his allies like Stefanik, who are already off chasing down “leakers” who don’t exist, are looking as foolish as ever.

Twitter user Natalie Hamill said it best in her reply to Stefanik: “We all heard it first from Trump on Truth Social….no where else was the info available. C’mon, give the FAUX outrage a rest, will you?”

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