Manhattan DA fires back against Donald Trump’s reaction to his impending arrest

On Saturday morning, Donald Trump announced on his own social network that he will be arrested on Tuesday. Given what all has publicly surfaced about the tail end of the Manhattan grand jury process, that could well end up being true. But it turns out Trump was just guessing when he said Tuesday. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg still hasn’t said anything about the actual timeframe for Trump’s arrest, but he is firing back against another remark that Trump made on Saturday.


While announcing his impending arrest, Trump urged his supporters to “PROTEST, TAKE OUR NATION BACK!” But he didn’t say anything about peaceful protests, and given his history of inciting the January 6th Capitol attack, it’s pretty clear that he’s once again attempting to foment violence. Bragg isn’t having it.


In an internal email which made its way to Politico, Bragg referred to Donald Trump’s “attempts to intimidate our office or threaten the rule of law” and asserted that his “law enforcement partners” won’t allow any such thing to happen. Bragg is correct in that a sufficiently large law enfacement presence, both in New York City and outside Mar-a-Lago, will ensure that Trump’s supporters won’t pull off anything successfully. They were only able to get anywhere on January 6th because Trump still controlled federal law enforcement at the time and was able to run interference for his own supporters. Trump will have no such ability this time.

Here’s what’s interesting. Bragg’s assertion that Trump is engaging in “attempts to intimidate our office or threaten the rule of law” sounds a lot like Bragg is accusing Trump of committing another crime: obstruction of justice. We’ll see if Bragg might actually try to tack on an extra criminal charge over Trump’s social media post. Bragg could also use this as a basis for asking the judge in the case to apply more restrictive pretrial conditions against Trump.

What Donald Trump doesn’t appear to get is that once you’ve been indicted and become a criminal defendant, these kinds of antics do not help your prospects. They do the opposite. If Trump keeps behaving like this, the only things it’ll bring him will be along the lines of more restrictive pretrial conditions, additional criminal charges, and increased odds of conviction.

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