Donald Trump’s Truth Social is falling to pieces

Donald Trump has been taking a number of serious blows this week. Mike Pence just testified against him to Jack Smiths grand jury. Trump’s side is doing poorly in the E. Jean Carroll trial. Now Trump appears to be facing insult added to injury.


Now that a judge has told Trump he’s not allowed to make Truth Social posts about the E. Jean Carroll trial anymore, his handlers seem to be trying to post more video content on his feed than ever. But Trump’s most recent video post merely says “Waiting for an encoding server to claim video.”


That’s right, Trump Social is a halfass website that’s falling to pieces. Trump’s own recent quarterly filings revealed that Truth Social is only worth a tiny fraction of what its own people claimed it would end up being worth. These kind of embarrassing technical glitches on the site, on Trump’s flagship account no less, raise questions about how much longer it’ll even last.

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