Donald Trump has given up

Donald Trump has been mailing it in for awhile, but now he’s starting to give up even trying to keep up appearances. Over the past two-plus years he’s done the bare minimum to try to keep up the illusion that he’s going to be a viable 2024 candidate. Now everyone sees him as a criminal defendant instead, and if anything, Trump seems to be totally giving up trying.


Trump has now announced on social media that his obligatory derogatory nickname for Joe Biden is “Crooked Joe Biden.” No really. That’s what he came up with. It’s literally just his 2016 “Crooked Hillary” nickname, with Biden’s name swapped out. That’s just embarrassing.


As much as some folks in the media are trying to keep the ghost of “Trump 2024” alive for awhile longer so they can keep milking it for ratings, the reality is that Trump himself is giving up. He’s had two years to come up with a new slogan, and he’s got nothing. There’s nothing left in his tank.

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