Donald Trump has incoherently insane meltdown about a “bad looking boyfriend” as it all slips away from him

It looks like it’s finally starting to sink in for Donald Trump that, while he might have had deranged fun during his CNN town hall, it didn’t gain him a single voter and only made him look bad in the eyes of the American mainstream.


Trump is now having an angry meltdown on his social media site, ranting that “It’s really amazing to watch the head of CNN get absolutely lambasted for asking me to do a so-called Town Hall.” But as tends to be the case these days, Trump can’t stay on topic, and by the third sentence of his post he was already incoherently ranting about somebody having a “bad looking boyfriend.” You don’t want to know.


Donald Trump isn’t even remotely close to mental competence these days. He comes off as more senile every time he opens his mouth, and it’s time we all start acknowledging it.

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