Manhattan DA tells Jim Jordan to take a hike

Now that it’s become clear that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is criminally indicting and prosecuting Donald Trump, House Republicans are trying to put on a show of support for Trump. They can’t actually help Trump, but they want to score cheap points for themselves with his base.


Jim Jordan in particular sent a letter to Bragg, requesting that Bragg come and testify to Jordan’s House committee about his Trump investigation. But the House doesn’t have this kind of oversight, and Jordan’s letter came awfully close to being felony obstruction of justice, which is probably why Jordan merely requested Bragg’s testimony instead of subpoenaing it.


Now Bragg is telling Jordan to take a hike. No surprise. Bragg is not obligated to play along with Jordan’s games, and is wise to just blow him off. We’ll see if Jordan now makes the stupid mistake of trying to subpoena Bragg, which could merely open the door for Bragg to potentially criminally indict Jordan for obstruction of justice.

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