Donald Trump has completely insane meltdown about his ‘big red button’

Last night Donald Trump figured out that he’s about to get incited under the Espionage Act by Jack Smith. Suffice it to say that he’s not taking the news particularly well. After Ron DeSantis formally kicked off his lifeless 2024 campaign today, Trump posted this incoherent meltdown to social media:


““Rob,” My Red Button is bigger, better, stronger, and is working (TRUTH!), yours does not! (per my conversation with Kim Jung Un, of North Korea, soon to become my friend!).”


Wait, WHAT? What are any of those words even supposed to mean? Why has Trump decided that Ron DeSantis is now named Rob? Why is Kim Jung Un soon to become Trump’s friend? And what does Trump mean with this big red button nonsense? Trump has completely lost what little was left of his mind.

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