Donald Trump kept classified documents try to make money off them: Joe Scarborough

Now that Donald Trump has been criminally indicted and arrested for stealing numerous boxes of classified documents – so many he had to hide some of them in his bathroom – the question remains. Why did Trump steal the documents to begin with, and why did he refuse to give them back?


“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough now says “every reason to believe” to believe that Trump kept the documents with the intention of either selling them, or trading them for access, or using them to get a hotel deal approved. Scarborough added: “Not saying he did it, but we would be foolish to be thinking he’s just keeping all of this information because he’s just a weird, quirky dude.”


Remember, the charges that Jack Smith has brought against Donald Trump could be just the first round, to start the clock for getting to trial. Smith could easily be planning to bring additional charges against Trump in the classified documents probe. And of course Smith will end up indicting Trump for the 2020 election overthrow plot.

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