Ron DeSantis campaign has “fatal” failure to launch

Now that Ron DeSantis’ informal 2024 rollout has cut his poll numbers in half, he’s making an even bigger mistake by formally launching his 2024 campaign. He tried to hold that launch on Twitter today with Elon Musk for some reason. Fittingly, technical issues turned the whole thing into a punchline, and by the time it finally got going, DeSantis was so rattled that he mostly just rambled incoherently.


DeSantis’ failure to launch was such a disaster, even Donald Trump declared on social media that it was “FATAL” for DeSantis’ campaign. For once Trump may be right. DeSantis was already plummeting and turning himself into a national punchline. He should have disappeared for three months and returned with a new approach. Instead he’s doubling down on the things that everyone thinks are a joke about him.


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