Donald Trump Jr. cracks under the pressure ahead of Donald Trump’s indictment

Donald Trump is days away from criminal indictment in Manhattan, and as far as anything that’s been reported, he’s the only one who’s known to be getting indicted in that case. But from the escalating manner in which Donald Trump Jr. is behaving, you have to wonder if he thinks he may be next.


Take, for instance, Donald Trump Jr.’s cartoonish attempt at spinning up a conspiracy to try to explain away his father’s January 6th crimes:


What stands out as odd is that the Manhattan criminal indictment doesn’t even relate to January 6th; it’s centered around campaign finance fraud. Yet Donald Trump Jr. appears more focused on DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith’s criminal probe, which does include January 6th. Is Junior worried that he could be facing legal trouble himself in that case, alongside his father? Nothing has been reported to indicate that Junior is a target of that probe.

So what’s going on here? Is Donald Trump Jr. losing what’s left of his mind because he thinks he’s getting indicted? Or is he just cracking because the criminal indictments against his father are now getting underway? It’s difficult to tell what’s going through the mind of someone who’s lost his mind. But Junior’s unraveling is just the latest sign that Trump family is falling apart as the criminal justice system continues to come for Donald.

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