Donald Trump goes bonkers as Jack Smith lands key witness against him

When Donald Trump announced in a video today that DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith was a “lunatic” it turns out Trump was apparently reacting to some really bad news for him.


Trump’s longtime ally Boris Epshteyn will be interviewed by Jack Smith and his team tomorrow, according to a report today from the New York Times. Epshteyn is seen as a witness in Jack Smith’s classified documents case against Trump AND in Jack Smith’s January 6th case against Trump.


It’s doubtful that Epshteyn wants to be a witness against Trump. But once the courts have ruled that a grand jury subpoena is valid, you really don’t have a choice. You can testify truthfully against your friend, or you can go down with him. Now we’ll see when Jack Smith ends up putting Boris in front of the grand jury. Our guess is very soon. This is endgame stuff.

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