Donald Trump has bizarre meltdown about a foreign gift he received while in office – did he just give something away?

Donald Trump has been explosively enraged and frazzled for the past two days, even by his recent standards. He keeps going on and on about the various criminal cases against him, primarily the DOJ’s classified documents case. Trump is behaving as if he expects to get indicted again at any minute. Now he’s off on a weird tangent which may also give something away.


We don’t generally like to repost a Donald Trump social media post in its entirety, but this one is just too weird not to share: “I am pleased to report that after a search, we were able to find the gold (paint!) Driver given to me by my friend & former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe. It was in a locker, with other clubs, at Trump International Golf Club in Palm Beach County, Florida. It has never been used. Based on the fact that this club was given to me before entering office, I am told that there are no reporting requirements, but I am nevertheless forwarding it to NARA. My company buys thousands of clubs a year!”


Wait, what? Like we said, this is just beyond weird. All the legal troubles that Trump is facing right now, including thirty-four felony counts in Manhattan and much worse elsewhere, and he’s busy trying to exonerate himself over a single golf club? Our guess is that there’s much more to this, and that Trump fears he’s about to get popped for all kinds of foreign bribes he accepted while in office. Stay tuned.

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