Donald Trump Jr. seems to think he’s getting hit with treason charges or something

As far as anyone knows, Donald Trump Jr. is not a criminal target in any of the DOJ’s various criminal cases pending against his father. We’ll see if Junior ends up getting charged in Manhattan, where we suspect more charges are coming than just the initial thirty-four felonies against Donald Trump. But in the meantime, Donald Trump Jr sure does seem to think he’s getting hit with “treason” charges.


In this unhinged new video clip, Donald Trump Jr. says that “if they got me for treason” he’d try to identify as a woman so he can go to a women’s prison:


This is a disgusting slight from Donald Trump Jr against the LGBT community. It’s also bizarre for him to be talking about going to prison for “treason” of all things, given that his father is currently under federal criminal investigation for the Espionage Act. Is Junior just so paranoid that he’s assuming he’s going down in his father’s classified document scandal too? Who knows with this guy.

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