Donald Trump goes berserk after yet another of his former top sidekicks hangs him out to dry

Donald Trump’s top loyalists were going to hang in there for as long as they could, or for at least as long as it suited their own needs. But with Trump now consigned to a fate involving criminal trials and prison, his “loyalists” are selfishly turning against him one by one.


Former Trump White House Asshole Mick Mulvaney has announced that he’s not supporting Donald Trump in 2024. Now Trump is going berserk on his failed social network, referring to him as “Liddle’ Mick Mulvaney” (how many times is Trump lazily going to recycle that nickname?), a “backbencher,” and a “born loser.” Well okay then.


Mick Mulvaney is a complete piece of trash who never should have been hired by CBS News to begin with. But now that Mulvaney has that job, he’s going to selfishly do whatever he has to do in order to retain relative credibility with the CBS audience. With Trump going down, Mulvaney isn’t willing to go down with him. Trump is just going to keep losing his people like this as he sinks further.

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