Donald Trump is having one of his worst meltdowns yet

For a guy who recently tried to declare “World War III” on Easter morning, you’d think Donald Trump couldn’t top things in the lunacy department. But he sure is trying. Last night Trump spent his Fox News interview yelling around about “nuclear warming” – something that doesn’t exist – and asking why no one was talking about it but him.


Today Trump is obsessed with the baseless conspiracy theory that the Manhattan DA’s criminal case against him was somehow secretly orchestrated by the Department of Justice, calling it “horrible and unfair.” Trump is also claiming that President Biden was secretly behind the FBI raid of Trump’s home, calling it “horrible and sick.” This guy sure does use the word “horrible” a lot, doesn’t he?


Trump is also accusing Special Counsel Jack Smith of “illegally leaking massive amounts of confidential information” to the media. This is not happening. When the media reported that Stephen Miller may have testified to the DOJ grand jury yesterday, for instance, it was because the media spotted Miller outside the courthouse. But Trump is just going to keep ranting about how “horrible” everything is, until they haul him away.

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