Donald Trump gives away that it’s all falling apart for him

Donald Trump sat down with his pal Sean Hannity last night in an attempt at portraying himself as an actual viable 2024 presidential candidate, and not a guy who’s about to be dismantled by criminal indictments in multiple jurisdictions. It didn’t exactly go well for him.


Trump’s Waco rally was a bust, with overhead shots suggesting that there may have a couple thousand attendees at most. Given that it was his first political rally in quite awhile, and the high stakes surrounding his indictment, the attendance level was pathetic. Trump was supposed to be using his Hannity interview to pivot away from that failure and reshape the narrative.


But Trump is still being held back by what he’s always been held back by. Instead of pivoting away from the Waco debacle, he claimed that the media reported 25,000 to 30,000 attendees (no one reported this). Then he claimed, for no apparent reason, that this meant you could “double” that number. So in his mind, Trump has now convinced himself that his rally of perhaps 2,000 people actually had 50,000 or 60,000 people. That’s a hallucinatory level of delusion.

Even with criminal indictments about to rain down on him and rip his life apart, this kind of self-delusion is still what Trump is focused on. It’s all he’s got. He certainly doesn’t have a future.

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