Donald Trump has completely unhinged meltdown after losing E. Jean Carroll trial

On Tuesday the civil trial jury found in favor of E. Jean Carroll, holding Donald Trump liable for sexual battery against her, and awarding Carroll five million dollars. It was a total loss for Trump from top to bottom, and one we all saw coming after he was too afraid to even show up and testify in his own defense.


After Trump took the loss, he had one of his most unhinged all caps social media meltdowns to date. Trump claimed he had “ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA” who E. Jean Carroll even was, and then claimed that the judge in the trial “WENT OUT OF HIS WAY TO MAKE SURE THAT THE RESULT WAS AS NEGATIVE AS IT COULD POSSIBLY BE, SPEAKING TO, AND IN CONTROL OF, A JURY.”


Well okay then. We’ll check back on Donald Trump later and see if he needs another box of tissues after all the crying he’s doing.

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