This is just getting pathetic for Donald Trump

If you really want to know how far someone has fallen, just look at what they’re reduced to bragging about. For instance, given that Donald Trump was recently the incumbent Republican President, and supposedly has a lock on the 2024 Republican primary base, you’d think he could find some good numbers to brag about.


Instead Trump is reduced to bragging on his social media site about a poll that appears to be biased heavily in his favor, yet still only shows him as having the support of fifty-something percent of 2024 Republican primary voters.


Does Trump not realize how bad this is for him? Nearly half of Republican primary voters have already moved on from him and want someone else as their 2024 presidential nominee. So much for getting a bump from being indicted; that never happened. Now it’s a matter of how far he falls once more Republican primary voters start to figure out that he’s bound for prison and won’t even be available for the 2024 general election.

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