Donald Trump just gave away how hosed he is

You’ve got to hand it to Donald Trump… well no, you don’t. He never does stop bullshitting, no matter how bad things get for him. But he’s not particularly good at bullshitting. In fact he’s rather transparent about it.


For a long while Trump insisted that the Manhattan DA had no case against him, wouldn’t dare indict him, didn’t have any witnesses against him, and was planning to drop the case entirely. We heard it all. The DA indicted Trump anyway.


Now Trump is throwing a fit on his social media site about how the judge in the case is supposedly “rigged” against him. Familiar whining from Trump, yes. But it’s also a giveaway. Whenever Trump knows he’s lost a particular battle, he simply starts whining about how unfair and rigged the whole thing is. By whining about the judge, Trump is admitting that he knows he’ll lose his Manhattan trial and be sent to prison for it. And that won’t even be Trump’s only criminal trial.

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