Donald Trump is clearly rattled

There’s this popular media narrative that Donald Trump can just magically get away with anything he wants. That narrative only exists to fire up the right into staying tuned in to their channels, and scare the left into staying tuned in to their channels, and isn’t based in reality. But it’s funny how channels on both sides like to feed this same false narrative.


Sometimes it feels like Trump himself buys into these media narratives about his invincibility. For instance when he learned he was on the verge of criminal indictment in Manhattan, he promptly made a social media post depicting himself taking a baseball bat to the Manhattan DA.


But a few days later Trump deleted the post, and he suddenly stopped posting such things. It seemed pretty clear at the time that someone around Trump spelled out to him that once he’s indicted he’ll be arraigned in front of a judge, who will decide whether he’s allowed out on bail ahead of trial, and what restrictions will be placed on him while he’s out, and that his baseball bat post will hurt him in that regard.

Now that Trump is being asked about his baseball bat post, he’s meekly playing dumb about it – always a giveaway that he knows he’s made a tactical error:

Donald Trump is a creature of habit who can’t help himself, so the odds are strong that he’ll end up reverting to this kind of rhetoric, and making his arraignment much more painful for him. But for now it’s clear that Trump is rattled over the fact that, as opposed to the first 76 years of his life, his actions now have consequences.

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