Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton now potentially just days from ouster

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has spent years getting away with too much corruption to list. He was even involved in Donald Trump’s plot to overthrow the election in 2020, and he’s somehow remained a free man.


But now Texas Republicans appear to have finally decided that Paxton is too much of a liability for their overall agenda. A Republican controlled Texas state house committee has unanimously voted to recommend impeaching and removing Paxton. CBS News says this will soon lead to a full House vote, followed by a swift Senate trial and removal vote.


Here’s what’s interesting. Texas Republicans didn’t suddenly decide to grow a conscience and do the right thing. Something has happened to make them think that Paxton is about to go down anyway, so they’re cutting him loose now. The DOJ has been trying to prosecute Paxton for a long time; perhaps it’s finally happening.

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