Rand Paul goes off the lunatic deep end over Donald Trump’s criminal indictment

We’re still trying to figure out how Republican Senator Rand Paul, once one of Donald Trump’s biggest critics, suddenly became a cartoonish Trump supporter overnight a few years ago. In any case, now that Trump is being criminally indicted in Manhattan, Rand still seems intent on cheerleading for Trump.


In a completely unhinged tweet today, Rand Paul announced that the Manhattan District Attorney should be “put in jail” for daring to criminally indict Donald Trump. This is psychotic. This is the same Republican Party that spend 2016 insisting Hillary Clinton be put in prison for an imaginary crime, and now that their guy Donald Trump is being indicted for actual crimes, they’re demanding that the prosecutor be put in prison.


Rand Paul should be careful here. He’s making this assertion not as a private citizen with an opinion, but as an elected member of the federal government. If he keeps this up he could be veering toward obstruction of justice. And while Rand Paul can’t lay a finger on the Manhattan DA, the Manhattan DA can potentially indict Rand Paul for obstruction.

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