Donald Trump has panicked meltdown after Fox News fails to settle 2020 election case with Dominion

After the news broke last night that Fox News was attempting to settle with Dominion on the eve of trial, Donald Trump had a social media freak out at three in the morning. He frantically urged Fox to instead announce even more loudly that Trump had won the 2020 election.


Now it’s being widely reported today that the Fox News trial will begin tomorrow, meaning that (as of now at least) no settlement has been reached. Trump seems to be taking this news even harder.


In an all caps meltdown, Trump is now is Justin that Fox News is in “big trouble” unless it announces that Trump won in 2020. He’s also bashing Rupert Murdoch for supposedly having admitted that Trump lost.

This is bad enough for Trump that he’s yelling things like “ THE ELECTION OF 2020 WAS RIGGED AND STOLLEN…YOU KNOW IT, & SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE!” Wait, stollen? Anyway, at this point it’s bad news for Trump whether Fox News settles or goes to trial and loses, because either way, Fox will be admitting that Trump lost in 2020 fair and square.

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