Donald Trump has completely berserk meltdown as it all falls to pieces for him

Quick, somebody get Donald Trump a glass of water, he’s hyperventilating. Now that the text of the DOJ criminal indictment against Trump has been unsealed, and Trump’s top two attorneys have abruptly quit, it seems to be sinking in for Trump just how screwed he is.


But instead of having a rational response to the bad news, Trump is simply going even further off the deep end than ever. He’s ranting on social media about “Deranged Special Prosecutor (and Trump Hater) Jack Smith,” accusing him of “putting our Country through Hell.” Really? Look in the mirror, Donald.


Trump went on to claim that Jan Smith is “a Coward and a Thug!” Well wait, which one is it? How can someone be a coward and a thug? Wouldn’t it be one or the other? Trump then insisted that Jack Smith is “terrified” – which of course means that Trump himself is the one who’s terrified.

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