Did Donald Trump just confess?

There are various ways for political figures to try to make a criminal scandal go away. Donald Trump certainly had plenty of practice at this when he was in office. But back then he had the office itself to protect him from prosecution. Looking back, this was the only thing that saved him – not any of the antics he tried, such as tweeting mean things.


That makes us wonder what Trump is trying to do now. His latest post on his failed social network reads like this: “SO THE DEMOCRATS ARE ALLOWED TO CHEAT ON, AND RIGG, A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, AND THEY WANT TO INDICT REPUBLICANS FOR A CAMPAIGN VIOLATION. THIS IS CLASSIC!!!”


It’s funny how he didn’t refer to it as a “supposed” campaign violation, or a false accusation, or anything like that. Instead he seems to be just flat out admitting that he committed a campaign violation, so he can portray his crime as being less severe than the (imaginary) crimes that he’s accusing the Democrats of having committed.

Of course Trump is also under active criminal investigation for everything from espionage, to incitement, to obstruction of justice, to election fraud, and more. The campaign-related finance violations he committed in Manhattan, though felonies, are the least serious crimes he’ll end up charged with. Funny how he’s focusing on just those, even as he appears to be admitting he committed them.

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