Disney sticks it to Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made a major miscalculation by branding himself as the “anti-woke” guy, only to find that a majority of Americans polled now say that they identify as “woke.” DeSantis keeps trying to wage war against Disney specifically, which isn’t going well for him.


Disney is now hosting the world’s largest LGBTQ summit at Walt Disney World in Florida later this year. It’ll bring a major influx of LGBTQ community members and allies, even as DeSantis continues to try to demonize and harass transgender people.


Political activist Victor Shi from Voters of Tomorrow tweeted this in response to the news: “WOW. Disney just announced that it’ll be hosting the largest LGBTQ Summit in Florida, literally sending a middle finger to Ron DeSantis. This is so epic and is what every corporation & business should be doing right now. Fight back against fascism. Thank you, Disney.”

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