Donald Trump has late night freakout after Fox News waves the white flag against Dominion

On Sunday night, just hours before the civil trial between Fox News and Dominion was set to begin, the judge delayed the trial by day amid reports that Fox was attempting to settle the case.


Any such settlement would surely have to include a public confession on Fox News’ part that that there was never any evidence the 2020 election was rigged, and that Donald Trump legitimately lost. Even if the case does still go to trial, the fact that Fox is trying to settle is an admission on its part that it expects to lose.


Of course is a loss for Donald Trump as well, because now his biggest propaganda factory will have to publicly admit that Trump really did lose. Trump isn’t taking the news well.

At around 3am, Trump began ranting in all caps on his failed social network. Here’s just a piece of the rant: “IF FOX WOULD FINALLY ADMIT THAT THERE WAS LARGE SCALE CHEATING & IRREGULARITIES IN THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, WHICH WOULD BE A GOOD THING FOR THEM, & FOR AMERICA, THE CASE AGAINST THEM, WHICH SHOULD NOT HAVE EXISTED AT ALL, WOULD BE GREATLY WEAKENED.” There’s a lot more, but you get the idea.

What Donald Trump is saying here makes no sense. If Fox News were to now double down on its lies about the 2020 election, it would only lose the Dominion case even more resoundingly. But Trump is desperate, and he’s losing hope, and now he sees that even Fox is trying to find a way to get out from under the mess that he and Fox created together. Whether or not Fox survives this, Trump is toast.

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