Donald Trump has bonkers ALL CAPS midnight meltdown as it all falls apart for him

If you’re looking for the surest sign that it’s over for Donald Trump, just ask Donald Trump. Even as he comes within days or hours of being criminally indicted by the DOJ for espionage, he’s now going berserk about the criminal charges that have already been brought against him in Manhattan.


Sometime after midnight, Trump launched into a semi-incoherent and utterly frantic all caps meltdown which we can only classify as hallucinatory in nature. Trump (falsely) claimed that “D.A. ALVIN BRAGG WILL BE IMMEDIATELY FORCED TO DROP HIS WEAK & DISPARAGED CASE AGAINST “TRUMP” BECAUSE HIS TOP INVESTIGATOR, JEREMY ROSENBERG, CORRUPTLY COLLUDED WITH A DISGRACED, DISBARRED, AND CONVICTED FELON & PERJURER IN ATTEMPTING TO FRAME ME WITH A “CRIME” THAT DOESN’T EVEN EXIST.”


Uh, nope, Donald, that’s not how anything works. But of course he was just getting started. Trump continued with his insane fictional rant: “THEY APPARENTLY BECAME CLOSE FRIENDS WITH LIFESTYLE MONEY SPENT, A CRIME.” We’re not even sure what that’s supposed to mean, but it’s still not true.

Then Trump continued: “THIS ON TOP OF CLINTON LAWYER TURNED PROSECUTOR, MARK POMERANTZ, ILLEGALLY WRITING A BOOK ON THE CASE!” Sorry, Donald, but writing a book isn’t illegal, even if a lot of right wingers are trying to make reading a book illegal.

The upshot here is that Donald Trump has fully lost whatever little might have been left of his marbles. And that’s for a reason. In his more lucid moments, he knows it’s all over for him. He knows he’s going to prison. And because he has no hope left in the real world, he’s resorting to these kinds of absurdist fantasies to try to keep his spirits up as it all slips away from him. Nice try, Trump, but you’re going to prison.

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