Donald Trump probably just doomed another Senate race for the Republicans

Criminal defendant Donald Trump is so desperate to get you to think of him as a viable political candidate, he’s now floating the names of people he thinks should run for office in 2024. Specifically he’s pushing for a Republican named Bernie Moreno to run for the Senate in Ohio in 2024.


Here’s the thing. When Trump has urged people to run for office over the years, or pushed the Republican Party to go with this candidate over that candidate, it’s usually worked out poorly for him and the Republicans.


We saw that in particular in 2022 election, where Trump’s handpicked candidates did particularly poorly in general election races. There were a number of reasons why the Republican Party underperformed so severely in 2022, but Trump was a big one of those reasons.

Now Trump is already trying to meddle in 2024 Republican congressional politics. Republicans’ best shot would be if Trump stayed out of it. Just by speaking up for or against any given candidate in any given race, he’s helping to doom their chances.

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